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Learn How MK Global Can Help You Get Dinners, Vacations, New Windows, a New Roof, New Furniture, Carpet Cleaning, Flowers, a Hot Tub and MORE Without Taking a Dime Out of Your Bottom Line!

For the last 7 years hundreds of businesses in Winnipeg have been taking advantage of our business barter system. If you run a business and are looking to cut costs, make more money, and enjoy some of the best products and services in Winnipeg without spending cash, then you’re in luck!


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Discover how you can enjoy the great benefits of barter today!

If you are not 100% busy 100% of the time, this is for you.

With our barter system you will:

  • Maximize Your Cash Flow
  • Unload Sitting Inventory
  • Create Endless Referrals
  • Build New Business Relationships

If you qualify we might even pre-buy up to $15,000 worth of gift certificates from you right away giving you instant cash flow!For more information simply fill out the form and we will send you our special E-Brochure straight to your email right now.